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Diving in Karimunjawa

Kura Kura has pursued education and arranged dive excursions in Karimunjawa since 1999. Our instructors and divemasters are experienced divers which will make you feel safe and well taken care off during our courses and excursions.

We have discovered several dive sites that are in good to excellent condition. Karimunjawa has a very easy diving, with no currents, amazing reefs, huge seafans, wrecks, a good variety of fish species: nudibranches, bumphead parrot fish, barracuda, mackerel and all the reef fish! The icing on the cake is for sure the night dive at our house reefs, where the coral starts to be populated from all the critters that you won't see in the day time...shrimp, crabs, flat worms, bamboo sharks, cuttle fish, squid,octopus and the famous blu ringed octopus!

In clear water with a pleasant temperature we garantee you an experience beyond the ordinary.

Diving sites

  • flagBurung
    A very small atoll, 30 minutes far away from our Resort. On the west side of the Burung, there is a "Coral tongue" that stretches out and creates a beautiful drop-off that slopes down quite steeply untill a maximum depth of 30mt. Usually a bit of a current hits this reef and bigger fish like Cobias, Napoleon, Barracuda and Jack Fish might come along.
  • flagGalean
    Just 25 minutes South of Kura Kura Resort, lies this not inhabited island with an easy and colorful coral slope. All the Coral Reef's "Usual Suspect" can be found here and a big school of curious Barracuda come visit the divers from time to time. A familiar sight to this reef are Hawksbill Turtles resting on the Corals.It is a quite long area and depth can vary along the reef, so it can be adapted to different level of certifications.
  • flagGosong Cemara
    Gosong Cemara is a submerged atoll with a beautiful coral's slope that gets to a maximum depth of 27mt. The quantity and quality of the coral on this dive site is certainly one of the highlights. Colorful Acroporas, huge Gorgonias, Staghorn Coral, Coliflower Coral, Pillar Coral and Alcyonarian are just a few coral's species you can find in here. Mantis shrimp, Blue Spotted Sting Ray, Lion Fish and occasional Eagle Ray have been spotted around the site.
  • flagHawksbill Point
    This beautiful dive site lies just in front of our Blue Bar. On this coral slope, can be found the Electric Clam, a bivalve mollusk that has a highly reflective tissue on the outer edge of their mantle. This tissue is exposed and hidden very quickly by the clam and creates the appearance of a flashing light. Bumphead parrot fish, Puffer fish and Hawksbill Turtles inhabit the reef.
  • flagIndonor
    The Indonor is a steam-engine cargo vessel that was transporting coal from Palembang to Surabaya.The 7th February 1960, due to its Captain's mistake, sunk in the Karimunjawa water. It is a "shallow wreck" (max depth 16mt) with no penetration points and it is our special "Macro spot". Nudibranches, Razor fish, Crocodile fish, Ghost Shrimps, Anemone shrimps, Whip coral shrimps, Mantis Shrimps together with Batfish, Snapper and Bumphead Parrotfish are inhabiting the wreck. It's a quite long wreck but due to it's shallow depth, it is possible to visit it all.
  • flagKrakal Kecil
    A private island with a pristine coral reef sloping down to 25/26mt of depth. Abundant schools of Fusiliers will keep you company for all the dive, huge Sea Fan can be found on different depth and Turtles, Jack Fish or Barracuda are spotted on this reef. From end of September to end of October, we had rare encounter with the majestic Whale Shark. You will close the dive in an amazing coral garden where you can enjoy the safety stop surrounded by Damselfish and Anthias.
  • flagMenjangan
    Menjangan is a small island located on the south of Karimunjawa. It has an amazing coral's slope and hides a wooden wreck that goes from 27mt up to 8mt from the surface. Starting with the reef on your left hand side, you'll be led to this wooden cargo that was transporting tiles and some of them are still scattered around the boat. Juveniles of Barracudas, Scorpion fish, Crocodile fish, Bat fish (Platax) Nudibranches, Blu Spotted Sting Ray inhabit this beautiful dive site.
  • flagPioneer Reef
    Climbing down a ladder from our "Star Jetty" and with a little swim you reach our House Reef. It's a very long slope that gets to 42mt but it is really adaptable to any kind of level. It's our "gym" for courses and it could be a "shore dive" for advanced diver. Even thought the Coral is not the best part of this dive site, beautiful Sea Fans are scattered all around the site and Moray Eels, Razor fish, Jack Fish, Needle Fish, Scorpion Fish, Crocodile Fish, Turtles, Barracuda and Sardines are easily spotted around here.
  • flagSleeping Beauty
    Just five minutes on a boat ride and you'll find yourself surrounded by a gorgeous coral garden and tropical fish. Home to Hawksbill Turtles, Green Turtles, Anemone Fish, Barracuda, Blu Spotted Sting Ray, Jack Fish and all the Coral Reef's "Usual Suspects" (Parrot Fish, Moorish Idol, Longfin Bannerfish...). At the beginning we couldn't find out why this dive site was named Sleeping Beauty, but after a few night dives we understood why: Baby Bambo Sharks, Blu Ringed Octopus, Squids, Mangrove Crabs, Sponge Crabs, Fireworms, Lobster and many other "Critters" can be spotted during nightfall.
Diving rates
1 Shore Dive USD 50,00
1 Boat Dive USD 60,00
2 dive USD 110,00
6 dive package USD 300,00
10 dive package USD 480,00
Equipment rental - Full set
1 day USD 25,00
3 days USD 60,00
5 days USD 100,00
Equipment rental - Daily per piece
BCD USD 7,00
Regulator and gauges USD 7,00
Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties USD 5,00
Wetsuit USD 5,00
Dive lamp USD 10,00
Dive computer USD 10,00

PADI Dive Courses

  • Bubblemaker

    With this course also the kids may try their first breathing under water with scuba equipment with the direct supervision of an instructor. All the instructions take part in the shallow part of the swimming pool. The kids will learn to feel comfortable and safe under water. Minimun age required: 8 years.

    Price: USD 60,00
  • Discovery Scuba Diving

    For those with no dive certificate who wish to try diving in supervision of a instructor. First we practice a few skills in confined water and then we make a dive in the ocean to maximum 12 meters depth.

    Price: USD 90,00
  • Scuba Refresh

    If you haven't been diving for more than one year, you'll need a scuba refresh! We can do it in our pool without any charge, by the way if your dives didn’t happen since several years you’ll need a complete refresh in our swimming pool.

    Price: USD 50,00.
  • PADI Scuba Diver

    This course is a half way to the PADI Open Water Diver. It consists in 3 confined water dives in pool and 2 open water dives in the ocean.

    Price: USD 260,00
  • PADI Open Water Diver (4 days)

    This program results in a certificate which gives you license to dive all around the world. The course is composed of 5 academic modules, 5 pool modules and 4 oceans dives where you will learn the basics for safe diving. Price includes equipment, manuals who will remain to the student and the licence.

    Price: USD 400,00
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (2/3 days)

    Advanced program where you will learn how to navigate under water and make deep dives, required, then choose 3 dives by night dive, drift dive, wreck dive, boat dive, UW photo, search & recovery to name a few. In this program is included 5 dives but no academic modules. NB! Previous knowledge required: Open Water Diver certificate or equal. Price includes equipment, manuals who will remain to the student and the licence.

    Price: USD 340,00
  • All Rates are inclusive of 10% tax.

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