Kura Kura Resort

Kura Kura Resort

Located in the midst of Karimunjawa Archipelago and offering one of the largest lagoons of the area, Menjawakan is a very green, private tropical island 22 hectars large, of extroardinary beauty which is exclusively occupied by Kura Kura Resort.

Situated between Java and Borneo, and still unknown to mass tourism, Karimunjawa Archipelago is a National Marine Park composed of 27 islands which still offers the feeling of a natural and remote beauty. The exceptional location of Kura Kura Island places our guests in the midst of the Archipelago, giving them the opportunity to visit and enjoy the rare beauty of the surrounding islands with their pristine white, unspoiled beaches fringed with palm trees, and the amazing colours of the sea while staying in rare comfort.

By enhancing the natural beauty of the island with a passion for authenticity and attention to the smallest details, Kura Kura Resort offers 18 spacious and luxurious Pool Villas (320 sq mt) including 2 family Pool Villas (600 sq mt) settled among the beautiful Royal palm trees, and 15 seaview Cottages.

Pool Villas has been designed with full respect for nature, embracing the influence of an Indonesian Villa concept, together with the blend of contemporary and elegant style. Each Pool Villa has not only been designed and built with the utmost attention to detail, but are also environmentally-friendly, maintaining the beautiful Royal palm trees inside the Pool Villa garden.

Cottages are divided in Deluxe and Superior, all of them with a blend of Asian/contemporary taste, and offering a gorgeous view over the beautiful lagoon.

Resort facilities are constantly upgraded, such as new landscaping, water purification treatment system and our several speed boats with 2 engines for transportation and excursions. The Restaurant offers delicious dining menu à la carte with a wide choice of Asian Menu and seafood with Mediterranean style.

Least but not last, we are proud to be an ECO-FRIENDLY RESORT having always been careful and taking the utmost care in preserving at its best the splendid nature that surrounds us, all of the following precautionary measures have been taken:

  • All our cottages and Pool Villas and any other building on the island were built using only local materials coming from Jawa island and cutting palm trees only when was absolutely needed and leaving the island natural as much as possible.
  • Water dispenser and multi use steel vacuum bottles are installed inside each rooom.
  • Bottles can be refilled all the time during the Clients’ stay, creating no extra waste of plastic bottles.
  • Only paper straws "by request" are used on our resort.
  • Paper cone cups will replace plastic bottles of complimentary water or plastic cups during transfers.
  • As part of the protection plan for the reef, permanent moorings are set up all around the archipelago, to have safe places for resort own boats that need to anchor during excursion or dives, but also to provide a securing point for the fishermen who seek shelter for the night, enabling them to stay safe while not having to drop an anchor, which causes damage to the reef every time.

Kura Kura Resort offers the discerning traveler the opportunity to discover this still-hidden gem in SoutheastAsia with its unique comfort.

Operational season

Kura Kura Resort has chosen since the beginning to remain open during the dry summer season in Indonesia exclusively. In Summer 2024 Kura Kura Resort will open its doors on May 1st until October 31st, during the month of May the Island can be reached by public ferries only. From Jun 01st until Oct 31st there will be the private charter from Semarang 4 days a week operating exclusively for Kura Kura Resort. All transfer details are available in the section "Get here".

Kura Kura Resort

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