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Rebalancing Massage - 75 minutes
A continuous, rhythmic massage, incorporating gentle stretches and pressure points application to help ease muscle tension and create a complete relaxation of the senses. The aim of this treatment is to interface the physical body, such as the nervous system and the organs, with the energetic elements of the body, including meridians and chakras.

Traditional Javanese Massage - 60 minutes
A therapy that is strongly influenced by the Royal Court of Keraton, on the island of Jawa, and remains the favorite throughout the island with the elderly masseuses, known as "Mbak Pijat".

An oil massage which applies much deep palm and thumb pressure on the body with pushing and stroking techniques to ease the muscles, joint pains and improve the blood circulation. The treatment is completed with a slow cranial manipulation that will leave you in a blissful state of sheer calmness.

Linfatique - 45 minutes
Helping to break excess fat on your body using stroking and kneading techniques. The focus is on hips, thighs and abdomen. This deep massage is excellent if you prefer a stronger, more intense massage.

Visage - 60 minutes
Relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage for cleansing and exfoliating, leaving your skin fresh and supple.

Foot Massage - 30 minutes
Tired legs will adore the smooth strokes, soft stretches and delicious relaxation on the soles, toes and legs. Walk away with increased flexibility, a reduction of swelling and strain and increased sense of wellbeing.

Back Massage - 30 minutes
An express recovery massage dedicated to the most typically overworked areas. Your therapist will choose the best techniques for releasing pressure in the head, loosening the neck and allowing the shoulders to relax and drop.

Manicure - 60 minutes
A luxurious beauty treatment for hands and nails including cleansing, exfoliation, trimming, massage and the final touch of applying your favourite OPI colour.

Pedicure - 60 minutes
The restful and healing treatment for the feet includes a relaxing foot soak, exfoliation, cutting, shaping, foot and leg massage and a choice of OPI polish.

Mini Manicure - 30 minutes
If you are on the go, you can still indulge your hands with an extensive yet express manicure, which includes trimming, shaping, buffing and applying vitaminzed serum as the final touch.

Mini Pedicure - 30 minutes
Indulge your foot in extensive yet momentary bliss with a pedicure that will get you want to come back for more. This includes trimming, shaping, buffing and applying vitaminzed serum as the final touch.

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