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Welcome to paradise

A unique Tropical paradise island - exclusively occupied by Kura Kura Resort.

Private Island Castaway

Rough it in style as a castaway on our romantic private desert Island. Krakal is a pristine desert Island with crystal clear waters...

Romantic accommodation

Enjoy time for just the two of you. We will provide an unforgettable touch of romance in this tranquil paradise. Contact us for your individual package.

Diving & snorkeling

Kura Kura has pursued education and arranged dive excursions in Karimunjawa since 1999. The diving here vary between fringing reefs, atolls and many wrecks.

Tropical luxury

The Resort offers the discerning traveler the opportunity to discover this still-hidden gem in unique comfort.


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Our Romantic, Private Desert Island

We are happy to announce that we have another gorgeous Island to offer you a unique tropical experience.

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